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Discover Caspach, near Mulhouse

Located west of Altkirch, Carspach has all the charm of the Alsatian villages. Inhabited for more than 1000 years, its history has been marked by conflicts and many changes of nationality. Until 1324, Carspach depended on the county of Ferrette but was integrated, at this date, in the possessions of the Habsburgs following a marriage. It was only in 1648, in accordance with the treaties of Westphalia, that the village, like the whole of the Austrian Sundgau, came back under the control of the kingdom of France. It changed nationality again after the war of 1870-1871 when the Prussians annexed Alsace and Lorraine and then returned to the French fold after the First World War.

While walking through the beautiful streets of the village, you will discover a rich heritage. First, visit the church of St. George, just a few minutes from the hotel. Rebuilt in 1922, it has a neo-Romanesque style and a large nave with 5 bays. Inside, you can appreciate an organ dating from 1834 and, on the ceiling, a reproduction of the famous painting by Velázquez: the Coronation of the Virgin.
Go and see the building that was erected on the site of the castle of Carspach, the Sonnenberg, destroyed in 1915. In the neo-regional style, it was home to a renowned spa and now houses a high school. Take advantage of the beautiful natural surroundings to go for a walk to the Seiblonn, from where you can see the bell towers of the surrounding villages, or to the Himmelreich, a charming pond located in the middle of the forest.