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Europapark, for an unforgettable day of adventure

Second largest amusement park in Europe after Disneyland, Europa-Park is located in Germany next to the French border. Close to the hotel, you can reach it in a little over an hour. On site, you will discover many attractions divided into districts symbolizing European countries.
Among the most popular entertainments are the 13 roller coasters, each with its own unique environment. The Enzian Alpine Express, the first roller coaster built in the park, takes you into a cave with gnomes and a dragon. The Poseidon offers an aquatic roller coaster through Greek mythology and the Ba-a-a Express is a roller coaster specially designed for children, from 3 years old.

The other animations of the park are scenic courses whose routes are marked out with staged objects (the Channel of the Elves, Geisterschloss, Pirates of Batavia…), merry-go-rounds (Peter Pan, the Flight of Icarus, the Flying Chairs…), pendular attractions (the Curse of Cassandra, the Dancing Boat…), fall towers (Tower Tow, Tourlicot).
With your children, you can also take a ride on a bumper car or on a circuit in a vintage car. The little ones can enjoy the many playgrounds in the park (ball pools, trampolines, slides, suspension bridges, labyrinths…) and the older ones will have fun in the various arcade rooms. The park also has several cinemas and theaters and offers musical and sports shows (the Water Organs, the Parade…).

Open from mid-March to early November, it also welcomes the public from late November to early January, but during this winter period, some attractions may be closed due to the weather.