Tel : 03 89 40 97 18 – Mail : – Restaurant closed from Sunday evening to Tuesday lunchtime. Hotel open 7 days a week.


Restaurant closed Sunday evening, Monday and Tuesday all day.
Service hours: 12 p.m. to 1:45 p.m. and 7 p.m. to 8:45 p.m.

Flavors & gastronomy

The Sundgovian Inn, or the Baerenhütte of yesteryear, has known three generations: the Kellers. Since 1997, Véronique, the granddaughter, and her husband Jean-Bernard Hermann welcome you in a contemporary setting, entirely glazed and bathed in light in the heart of nature.

The restaurant in Carspach, easily accessible on the Basel – Belfort axis, is a gastronomic meeting point not to be missed in Southern Alsace.
The chef and his team offer you a fine, creative cuisine, inspired by traditions and seasons, which offers the best of the land: fresh game, fish, mushrooms, vegetables, fruits…

To give you an idea: homemade duck foie gras, scallops sautéed in a pan, fillet of sea bream or turbot a la plancha with seasonal vegetables, Angus beef fillet… not to mention the desserts, each more delicious than the last.

You will also find our suggestions of the moment according to the season’s products.

The restaurant is closed from Sunday evening to Tuesday lunchtime, and from November 1st, the restaurant will also be closed on Tuesday evenings.

Take away

We continue to sell take-out by phone the day before or in the morning until 9:30/10:00.
The schedules of withdrawals in sale to take away: from 11h30 till 13h30 or from 16h45 till 18h.

Orders can be placed by phone at
03 89 40 97 18
or by mail to :
by specifying the desired pick-up time.

Our menus and dishes to order can be tasted the same evening of the withdrawal of the order by keeping them in the refrigerator. The payment is made on the spot when the order is collected.

Bon Appétit to all!

Véronique and Jean-Bernard Hermann

Our take-away menu

  • Our French duck foie gras cooked in a cloth 16€

    Mango/Pineapple chutney

  • 1/2 French duck foie gras cooked in a cloth 12€

    Mango/Pineapple chutney

  • Pan-fried sea bass back 28€

    green asparagus tips, asparagus cream and chives

  • Green roasted rack of lamb 27€

    Seasonal vegetables, Apple Anna

  • Fillet of beef 26€

    Some vegetables, Anna apples, red wine sauce

  • Fillet of beef 34€

    Some vegetables, Anna apples, Morel sauce

  • Floating island 4,50€

    Pink pralines and liquid caramel

  • Bunch of purple white asparagus 22 €

    with two hams, vinaigrette and mayonnaise

A la carte

The entries

  • French duck foie gras cooked in a cloth 21€

    Mango/Pineapple chutney

  • 1/2 French duck foie gras cooked in a cloth 16€

    Mango/Pineapple chutney

  • Field Salad 9€

    Pan-fried mushrooms and walnut oil vinaigrette

  • Perfect egg at 64° 18€

    artichoke mousseline, pan-fried artichokes, emulsion

  • Large roasted shrimp 21€

    in Kadaïf leaf, mixed vegetables and Thai broth

  • Crumbled crab with avocado and grapefruit 16€

    some herbs in salad, curry vinaigrette

  • Bunch of White Violet Asparagus 22 €

    with 2 hams, vinaigrette and mayonnaise

Our fish and meat

  • Bass back with saltire, 32€

    green asparagus tips, emulsified asparagus cream and chives

  • Veal Kidneys Holland 20€

    fried in Port wine, pea puree, Spaetzles

  • Charolais Beef Entrecôte 32€

    Sarawak Pepper Sauce, Vegetable Casserole and French Fries

  • Beef Fillet Germany 33€

    red wine sauce, vegetable casserole and French fries

  • Beef Fillet Germany 39€

    morel sauce, vegetables in a casserole and French fries

  • Assorted cooked seasonal vegetables, 23€

    French fries or Spaetzles

  • Boneless roast pigeon France 39€

    Celery velvet with hazelnuts, Amandine apples, carcass juice

  • Pan-fried Scallops France 38€

    sweet potato mousseline with orange, cider emulsion

The desserts

  • Cheese Trolley 14€
  • Floating island 6 €

    pink pralines and liquid caramel

  • Pie of the Day 4.50€
  • Plate of sorbets or ice cream 11€

    with the fruits of time

  • Chocolate sphere 11€

    filled with a light vanilla cream and Grand Cru hot chocolate

  • Gourmet coffee 10€
  • Strawberry Pavlova 12 €

    Diplomate cream, strawberry and dill sorbet and coulis

  • Creamy Vanilla dome, Bavarian rhubarb and compote 12 €

    vanilla ice cream and Breton shortbread

The menus

Market Menu


Roasted Skrei back, artichoke mousseline, vermouth emulsion


Perfect egg at 64°


Almost veal,

Anna apple, some vegetables and strong juice


Cheese board (suppl. 8.00 €)


Strawberry Pavlova, Diplomate cream,

Strawberry-dill sorbet and coulis

Envie Menu


French duck foie gras cooked in a cloth,

Mango/Pineapple chutney


Sea bass fillet, green asparagus tips,

emulsified asparagus cream and chives


Filet of Beef Germany, red wine sauce,

Seasonal vegetables, French fries


Cheese board (supp. 8.00 €)


Creamy vanilla dome, Bavarian rhubarb and compote,

vanilla ice cream and Breton shortbread

We also offer this menu in a 3-course formula for €61:

– Duck foie gras as a starter,

– Beef fillet in dish,

– Creamy vanilla/rhubarb dome

Children's menu


Breaded cutlet, vegetables and french fries
Yellow Pollock cutlet with sparkling sauce and pasta


Mixed ice cream or floating island

Menu of the day

21.50 euros on site and 19.50 euros to take away

The wine list

After obtaining his CAP-BEP at the hotel school in Guebwiller in 1980, Jean-Bernard Hermann studied with Pierre Gaertner at the “Armes de France” in Ammerschwihr (2 Michelin stars) before joining Pierre Roger as chef de partie at “L’Hostellerie de Pont-Sainte-Marie” in Troyes (1 star), “L’Auberge de l’Ill” in Illhaeusern (3 stars), Alain Chapel in Mionnay (3 stars).

He worked as a chef at the “Clos des Délices” in Ottrot before becoming the happy owner with Véronique of the Auberge Sundgovienne in 1997.

Jean-Bernard Hermann has been awarded the coveted title of Maître Restaurateur.

Jean-Bernard Hermann