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Saint Louis, Belfort, Ferrette

During your stay in the Sundgau, take the time to visit several historical cities. Discover St. Louis which is located 30 km from the hotel. Founded in 1684 following an ordinance of Louis XIV, this young city located on the Swiss border has developed thanks to the establishment of a national customs in 1791. Today, it is renowned for its many churches and temples, its Fernet Branca Museum of Contemporary Art and its nature reserve of the Petite Camargue alsacienne.

Take advantage of your trip to Saint-Louis to visit the neighboring town of Basel. You will be able to admire its historical center with its large market square, its pink sandstone town hall and its cathedral of Romanesque and Gothic styles. Discover also the cultural richness of the city which shelters about forty museums like the one of the Fine Arts or the one of the sculptor Jean Tinguely.

Closer to the hotel, make a short trip to Ferrette. Center of one of the most powerful lordships of Alsace in the Middle Ages, this small city, nestled on the first foothills of the Alsatian Jura, has a charm out of the ordinary. Dominated by the superb ruins of the castle of Ferrette, it has a church with a gothic bell tower and a town hall classified as historical monuments.

Finally, at 30 km from Carspach, visit Belfort. At the foot of the Vauban citadel, you will be impressed by the beauty of the historic center with its brightly colored half-timbered houses. You will be able to admire the Cathedral Saint-Christophe, built in sandstone of the Vosges, and the imposing Town hall, place des Armes. Go and contemplate the Lion of Belfort which sits at the foot of the castle. Sculpted by Auguste Bartholdi, it pays tribute to the resistance of the people of Belfort during the siege of 1870.